Fair Talent Management

Integrate efforts across the enterprise and measure the results that are most important to you and your stakeholders

Employee Goals & Performance Management

A common sense system for fairly managing employee performance at every level & from the C-level to the shop floor. Supported in collective bargaining environments. Finalist for the American Business Awards.

  • Write SMART-Q goals with OPS' point-and-click goal writer
  • Align individual objectives to your organization’s strategic goals
  • Plan key milestones
  • Pinpoint the performance impact of each goal (cost, quantity, quality, and more)
  • Produce a corporate scorecard (aligns with Kaplan & Norton)
  • Self-assessment
  • Management assessment
  • Auto-populated forms and reports
  • Auto-messaging and email alerts

Skill & Competency Management

Efficiently develop career paths and position management practices that optimize the shape your workforce. Align competencies to annual goals and long range needs.

  • Set up Jobs, Roles, and clear position descriptions
  • Assign "Stretch Goals"
  • Assess competencies and skills in a way that best fits your culture (180°, 360°, or something else)

Individual Development Planning

Give your team members an easy-to-use platform for development, coaching, and mentoring. Facilitate the developmental dialogue between supervisors and employees.

  • Identify areas of interest
  • Determine Long/Short range priorities and success criteria
  • Align IDP activity to skills
  • 23 built-in development activities
  • Organization-wide aggregation reports to help optimize development resources

Succession Planning

Help your employees align their career aspirations with the needs of the organization and workplace opportunities.

  • Identify personal preferences and expectations
  • Track retirement eligibility and “certainty”
  • Unique constraints
  • Document future plans (individual and supervisor)
  • Conduct organization-wide auto-searches for potential candidates

What People Are Saying:

“Helps develop strategies for key roles and find the right employee matches”

“Easy to implement, cost effective and always dependable”

“OPS provides a way to reward periodic and end-of-year performance”

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