OPS for Healthcare

A business utility for leading healthcare organizations

Emergency Department Patient Flow

Help your ED staff track delays, the reasons for those delays, opportunities for improvement, and patient satisfaction relating to their ED experience.

Leader Rounding / Voice of the customer

An easy access / easy response feedback system available via any device to get right-now feedback from any every patient, family member, or visitor. Auto-alert designated on-call staff members. Aggregate millions of feedback-related data points into common sense reports.

Employee Shadowing

Organize patient communication and provide them with the caring information they want and need about their arrival, their expectations, and their exit.

Infection Control

Improve infection prevention, detection, control, monitoring, and communication while simplifying administrative processes and reducing staff overtime costs.

Handwashing Audit

Help team members in any healthcare setting remain alert to strict hand hygiene best practices and reduce infections.

Surgical Time Out Checklist

Document pre-procedure time outs in a way that helps visualize trends and create targeted performance improvement opportunities.

Safety Event Tracking

Classify safety events, conduct common cause analysis, and retain the data in a way that’s easy to access and report on.

Chart Audits

Get rid of your spreadsheets and paper forms. Simplify data collection, reporting, metrics comparisons, quality research, and related physician/staff performance reviews.

Quality Indicators & Trends

Track critical metrics against established targets and budgets, visualize the gaps between internal quality indicators and claim-generated data, and generate improvement strategies and sustainable mitigation plans.

Accreditation Preparation

Get your accreditation info out of binders and into the cloud. One integrated system for preparation, audit/review, communication, and response. Metadata provides a way to see across every unit and condition of participation.

What People Are Saying: 

“I didn’t need another stand alone application. I needed apps that integrate. HMS answered that need.”

“OPS is my organizational MRI.”

“HMS answers the question, ‘Where’s the evidence?"

“A great teaching tool.”

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