Breaking the
Cycle of
Generational Poverty

Because poverty doesn't have a clock


Eliminating generational poverty requires a fundamental change in culture and approach.

Participant completes an assessment
Alone or with assistance
Participant is shown resources
App uses open source data to present services that best fit participant needs
Personal Scorecard created
Empowers self-sufficiency. Scorecard used as a resource for loans and credit (Aspirational Goal)
Participant accesses services
Participant selects and engages services, including access to advice from mentors and coaches
Participant tracks their progress
Things get better!

The Key is: Building Confidence & Self-Sufficiency!

Initial Assistance Categories
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Child Education
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare Access
  • Child Care
  • Financial Management
  • Support System
  • Relationship Safety

Data for Local, State, National, Agency, Department, and beyond.

Measure program "reach," impact, and value.
Business Cases
Build business cases for additional resources.