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The OPS Repositioning Management System (RPMs) is a proven business and decision support application suite for efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency.

Repositioning Your Public Housing Portfolio?

OPS is the Right Management Tool for the Job

The HUD repositioning initiative gives public housing agencies (PHA) additional flexibility to develop locally appropriate strategies to preserve their affordable housing and create a more stable financial foundation.

Repositioning can appear daunting, but when the right tools are applied it holds great promise for sustaining vital support to local communities, engaging stakeholders, and improving residents’ quality of life.

Yet, with more flexibility comes the need for greater accountability.

OPS RPMs provides the answer.

There is no Turning Back

The New Information Wave Strengthens Your Community

While reposition is voluntary, the writing is on the wall: PHAs must create opportunities to leverage public and private resources, ease administration, and preserve affordable housing.

With the new approach — and considerably more money involved — stakeholders and community leaders are increasingly interested in knowing more.

Their questions and concerns require timely and open response.

OPS RPMs makes it easy to respond.

OPS Applications — Ready for Your Use

Do the Work — With Confidence and Ease

OPS is a single, integrated platform for easy administration, management, and reporting no matter what housing programs you operate.

RPMs gives you the tools to accelerate:

  • RAD Conversion
  • Affordable Housing
  • Section 8 Vouchers
  • Finances
  • Choice Neighborhood Plans
  • Community Development

  1. Easy-to-use tools for every PHA department
  2. Helps retain critical information
  3. Supports policy compliance
  4. Supports data-driven decision making
  5. Provides transparency
  6. Reduces risk

Plus — all OPS applications come with a built-in project management system, document manager, reports with built-in filters, and much more — all designed in conjunction with HUD headquarters specifically for public housing.

And, when you're ready to tie employee performance to PHA success, check out the OPS "Fair" Performance Management Tool.

PMT is developed specifically for public housing agencies. Via PMT every employee counts; from assistant pest control technicians to property managers to the executive director.

Making it Simple

PHA Leaders to OPS: "We Need Ways to Reduce Our Risk"

Savvy managers and supervisors know that spreadsheets, binders, and paper reports take too much time and don’t provide the level of detail — or consistency — necessary to respond quickly and accurately to an ever-increasing flow of unique stakeholder demands.

OPS makes it easy to manage your repositioning programs with.

8+ Years of Support in Public Housing — From HUD to PHAs

You Can Depend on OPS

Our secure, federally authorized cloud applications have supported thousands of housing initiatives at every level — from HUD headquarters and every HUD regional and field office to local public housing agencies to individual departments and employees.

PHA executive teams, commissioners, and department managers call OPS an "exceptional partner" for simplifying work, managing risk, measuring success, and collaborating with others.

With RPMs, reports are instantly available fast. Automatic, prioritized updates are just a click away, making your staff's daily work activities easier and more effective.

The result is a single, integrated means of managing and improving operational performance that is simple, accurate, and transparent.

Plus, OPS integrates with your financial and property management systems.

Award Winning

A National Case Study

HUD selected OPS to replace previous attempts regional and field management tools including spreadsheets, sharepoint, and business intelligence applications that required extensive staff time and mainly produced narrative summaries and graphics based on months-old data.

HUD leaders used OPS to align local and community priorities to HUD's planning and budget cycle.

The concise, objective information produced in OPS was key in developing business cases for resourcing.

Via OPS, HUD leaders could easily see their progress. Within weeks they were using OPS reports in budget and legislative meetings.

As a result of their use of OPS, HUD received the Federal Deming Award.

Our Leaders

Jim Hill — CEO
Dr. Hill served with distinction as a Marine Corps officer and is a 20-year veteran of the Silicon Valley. Jim did his undergrad work at The Ohio State University and received his doctorate in human and organizational performance from the University of Southern California. In his spare time, Jim is usually strapping on one of his many guitars, toying with his short game, attempting to master his sourdough recipe, or volunteering with his family in their community.

Tom Moore — VP of Software Development
With more than 20+ years in the software space, Tom brings a wealth of experience to his leadership of the OPS technology team. A graduate of Purdue University, Tom’s innovations have led to multiple awards including the CyberFEDs Awesome New Technology Award and the Award of Excellence from the International Society for Performance Improvement. Tom's work with HUD was instrumental in their receiving the Federal Deming Award. When Tom is not working, you can find him turning two on the softball field, in front of his grill, or on the slopes of Colorado.

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