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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import information from a spreadsheet into OPS?

It depends on the structure of the spreadsheet and the type of OPS license that you have.

OPS "For Business" and "Enterprise" applications provide import functionality, or direct assistance from the OPS support team.

The free OPS AM/PM applications make it easy to cut and paste from one location to another so that all of your key information finds a single home with a minimal amount of one-time effort. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a 1-stop location for doing your day-to-day work and sharing easily with others.

Are there tutorials to help me learn to use these tools?

OPS AM/PM applications are so intuitive that no tutorial is needed. Still, we’ve provided simple instructions on each screen to help new users get started.

Extensive, context-specific Help and Advice screens are provided in OPS “For Business” and “Enterprise” applications.

How do I share my OPS AM/PM projects with other users?

It's easy. You can share with anyone who has a OPS AM/PM license.

First, make them a part of your team (via the Team page). Then, toggle the “Share With Others” button at the top of the Summary page.

If your team members have a Free license, they will have Read-Only access to the Summary page only.

If they have a Collaborate license, they will have full Read-Write access to each page.

If you want to add Collaborate users, it's only $5/month.

I want to share with others. Do they need accounts?

Sharing your projects with others is awesome!

For Read-Only sharing, they can self-register for free.

For Read-Write sharing, AM/PM Collaborate license is just $5/month.

Do others I share with need to pay for an account?

For Read-Only — no.

For Read-Write — yes. And it’s super cost effective; just $5/month.

I’m a member of ISPI and someone told me that I get free access to OPS AM/PM as part of my membership. Is that true?


International ISPI members receive a OPS AM/PM Collaborate license.

Any chapter member who uses the appropriate promo code will have a Collaborate license through July 31, 2016. At that time, the license will revert to a “Free” non-collaboration account. To continue collaborating, it’s just $5/month...or you can join ISPI to continue the AM/PM Collaborate benefit.

Other organizations interested in adding OPS AM/PM as a member benefit can contact us for more info.

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