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4 Ways to Increase Employee Commitment

May 2017

Every person has a different need for achievement and measures success in different ways. Understanding these needs is important for developing individual and collective leadership strategies.

Here are 4 ideas for creating a commitment to achievement that reduce anxiety about performance quality and increase employee willingness to seek out difficult work:

  1. Ensure people value the opportunity. Commitment to action is affected by rewards and incentives that people value.
  2. Apply pressure. Properly placed leadership pressure is a performance influencer, yet excessive pressure is dysfunctional.
  3. Appreciate cultural variety. People from different national and ethnic cultures often approach situations in different ways, with varied approaches and beliefs. Appreciate Individual differences, while ensuring everyone appreciates the collective culture.
  4. Implement daily program tools. Organizations need data. People want to show their value and maintain evidence of their personal success. OPS1.com provides both.

People constantly wrestle with dynamic information flow, constrained timelines, and consequences that are often local, but may also be regional or global. By creating a culture of commitment leaders set the stage for sustained success.


About Jim Hill

Jim is the founder and CEO of Organizational Performance Systems.

Previously, Jim was a Marine Corps officer and an executive with Sun Microsystems. He is a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

He holds degrees from The Ohio State University, Webster University, and Averett College, and he received his doctorate in human and organizational performance from the University of Southern California.

His book, Giving Away Power, was published in 2013.

He is the 2016 recipient of ISPI’s Distinguished Service Award.

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