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Infection Control

Preventing infection control surveillance; Improving antibiotic stewardship

  • "Because of OPS, our infection incidence rates have dropped to half the national average"
  • "Our current status is super easy to view on our facility map"
  • "It’s easy to send a graphic to my staff for action. I don’t even have to say anything"
  • "Really user friendly"

Using The Cloud To Improve Infection Control And Antibiotic Stewardship

Acute and post-acute care leaders are seeking ways to improve infection control and antibiotic stewardship. They recognize that improved infection control leads to better outcomes, reduced readmissions and ALOS, and increased quality and patient satisfaction.

However, common approaches to daily infection control processes do not simplify the day-to-day processes required for success, nor do they result in useable data. Instead, they add complexity, cost, and frustration.

This paper outlines the strategic imperatives and offers a solution – enabled by cloud technologies – for implementing evidence-based infection control and antibiotic stewardship measures while improving operational effectiveness.

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Employee Engagement

Improve retention and target higher order organizational performance needs

  • "Transparency that helps leaders and team members. Thank you"
  • "Helps us focus on 'higher order' organizational issues"

Using the Cloud for Continuous Employee Engagement

Leaders recognize that reducing unplanned turnover is a top priority. Improvements in employee retention positively impact HR costs, business operations, quality, and customer satisfaction.

A key aspect of employee retention is engagement. However, most engagement approaches are driven by periodic surveys — often only once a year — focused on organizational climate with few specific recommendations for improvement and little follow-up or action.

This paper reviews common engagement challenges and offers solutions — enabled by cloud technologies — for involving employees in a focused dialogue that increases retention and targets accelerates organizational performance.

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OPS Helps Us Create a Better Work Environment and Reduce Turnover

Stephanie Meade, Mercy Health-Cincinnati’s vice president of nursing at West Hospital, has published research on the benefits of using OPS to help drive the engagement of nurses, monitor their perception of the workplace, and make hundreds of operational improvements.

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OPS Helps Nurse Executives Stay Connected with Their Staff

Nurse executives must develop creative solutions to improve staff perceptions of the work environment and decrease turnover, as well as stay connected with their staff. This article summarizes how OPS has been successfully incorporated into chief nursing officer rounding and the impact on NDNQI® survey results.

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Mini Case Study: OPS Improves Nurse Retention

Across the U.S. healthcare industry, a shortage of nurses is a persistent and growing problem. Read the case study on how OPS was used to mitigate nurse turnover and improve operational effectiveness.

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OPS Budget Builder & Program Checkbook

Tools for increasing financial effectiveness and reducing complexity

  • "Helps our team set priorities and track progress."
  • "Helped me find a $2M error!"

OPS Fair Performance Management

For linking people and the organization

  • "An appraisal that actually helps improve organizational results."
  • "Shows me how I fit in the company."

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