OPS Program Manager

An evidence-based management method to enhance day-to-day visibility

Every organization has a unique characteristics and culture. Yet, two things all successful organizations have in common is a focus on end results and continuous effectiveness.

OPS PM helps with both.

Communicate Your Team’s Value

OPS PM provides a consistent method delivered via the cloud that simplifies program management activities and helps you convey the value of your programs and their components to decision makers and, in some cases, regulatory and oversight organizations.

It’s a collaborative and outcome-oriented tool that supports a repeatable approach to continuous program excellence.


Every OPS PM function is based on organizational performance science. You’ll get:

  • Common tools and templates that support all phases of the program / project life cycle, from concept to sustainment
  • A way to visibly link strategy, plans, measures, and activities
  • Risk assessment and mitigation tools


More time! You’ll refocus time and effort from traditional manual activities, data gathering, and “churn” to more pressing issues and decision making

Ability to respond quickly and objectively to inquiries on your programs’ capabilities and costs

A means to leverage program metrics and data with other programs to facilitate collaboration, reduce redundancy, and enhance cross-organizational information sharing

Use Case

OPS PM was selected as the single management platform for HUD’s Field Policy and Management (FPM) organization, across 10 regions and 68 field offices. Via daily work screens and 20+ reports, HUD tracks progress relating to its Operating Plan and 30+ associated performance targets.

OPS PM provides an organizational operating rhythm and helps optimize resources across more than 5,500 projects annually. OPS PM includes auto-generated rollup reports for multiple organizational levels, a forum for employee collaboration, and a robust executive communications system for up-to-the-minute awareness from headquarters to the field.

As a result of their use of OPS PM, HUD received the 2013 Federal Deming Award and the 2013 Award of Excellence from the International Society for Performance Improvement

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