CARE: Leader Rounding / Voice of the Patient

Getting Real-Time Inpatient Feedback

“If health care providers want to deliver patient-centered care, they must include the patient’s voice in their measurement and improvement processes. Yet patient-reported measures are not as widely used as process-of-care or outcome measures. Furthermore, the measures that are used report on patients’ satisfaction long after their care has been received.”
The Commonwealth Fund
February 1, 2010

The challenge, of course, is that every major industry survey of inpatient experience is based on post-discharge survey results. This presents myriad problems, including: 1) the data coming from a small sample with unknown motives, 2) no associated survey relating to the observations of family members and visitors, 3) the impact of bias relating to factors such as stress and social influence that are difficult to accurately account for, and 4) considerable lag time between discharge and survey receipt.

Via a few short questions, OPS Care Review System (CARE) solves the current challenges and helps your facility exceed patient expectations. CARE provides an easily accessible, easy response feedback system that is available to every patient, family member, and visitor via any device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) anytime from anywhere.

If issues are identified, CARE automatically delivers an alert to designated on-call staff members via email, text, or page. CARE also aggregates all feedback data into a series of reports for review by unit leaders, department heads, and institution executives, helping everyone in your organization monitor quality and drive focused performance improvement.

CARE is one part of a multi-tiered approach to your continuous pursuit of excellence. Rather than having to wait 4 to 8 weeks for other survey results, your staff learns immediately what patients are thinking and what they need. This helps you enhance the patient experience and compare your performance to other hospitals locally, in your state, and nationwide.

You want to be your area’s first choice for healthcare. CARE helps you achieve that goal.

Key Features?

  • Feedback by patients, family members, and visitors
  • Personal needs review
  • Care needs review
  • Room and environmental review
  • Specific requests for assistance
  • Staff recognition
  • Immediate staff alerts to patient concerns
  • Staff feedback on actions to specific issues
  • Real-time, multi-level, roll-up reports
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