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About OPS for Infection Control

Defeat COVID-19 FASTER With OPS Infection Control System.

OPS Immediately and Dramatically Improves Productivity, Alignment, and Integration for Public and Private Healthcare Providers.

Business Intelligence is not enough. OPS automatically creates useful, incredibly accurate and actionable patient data on-the-fly, saving resources, time and increasing ability for public and private healthcare providers to save lives. OPS is a breakthrough, HIPA-compliant, Federally approved and secure cloud-based solution that can help resolve COVID-19 cases faster.

OPS on any device

OPS Cloud Application Suite saves precious resources.

OPS bridges the last inch between and micro- and macro-level KNOWLEDGE.

Achieve Continuous Performance Improvement with OPS.

Simplify, accelerate and automate key processes. Increase real-time feedback. Build a usable data set. Optimize resources. Find out how.

Put our deep and current experience helping State and Federal governments save time, money and lives to work now.

Outcomes the Nation Relies on

OPS Is The Go-To Application Suite For Analysis, Measurement, And Management for Leaders in Healthcare, Business, and Government.

Easy to Use…and Secure

Your Device

Use any Smartphone, tablet or computer to secure access OPS.

Works on any browser.

Intuitive, responsive, and built for collaboration.

Our Software and Cloud

Zero-footprint application.

Simplifies sharing reports in a secure location.

Auto-generates summaries.

Our Data Center

Federally compliant isolated community cloud infrastructure.

Agile and scalable.

HIPAA, ISO/IEC, and FedRAMP compliant.

+99.9% uptime

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