Organizational Performance Systems

Intelligent Software for Organizational Evolution

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Our Cloud Application Suite

Achieve new levels of productivity, alignment, and integration

OPS bridges the last inch between peoples’ actions and organizational goals.

Healthcare Management

Make day-to-day operational processes easier, and reduce complexity and cost

Planning and Execution

Communicate priorities, allocate resources, and track success plans

Fair Talent Management

Measure results that are most important to leaders, employees, and stakeholders

Gap and Root Cause Analysis

Solve tough business issues with intelligent tools that auto-generate smart solutions

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The Impact

OPS makes work flow better.

Simplify and accelerate key processes.

Increase real-time feedback.

Build a usable data set.

Optimize resources.

OPS is the New CPI

“Process” is not enough.

Competitive organizations need continuous performance improvement.

OPS provides the best information in the best format to make the best decisions.

Easy to Use…and Secure

Your Device

Use any device to get to your OPS toolkit

Business Intelligence is not enough.

OPS is an information creator and a job simplifier.

Our Software

A zero footprint application delivered via the cloud


Every screen provides a collaboration space

Easy to share reports, documents, and updates

Auto-generated summaries aids decision makers

Works on any browser

Our Data Center

Federally compliant isolated community cloud infrastructure


Agile and scalable

+99.9% uptime


OPS Is The Go-To Application Suite For Analysis, Measurement, And Management

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