OPS for Healthcare

Improves Management Operations and Key Metrics in Acute and Post-acute Settings

Other Audit and Surveillance Tools

Drive Change and Compliance With OPS Mobile Surveillance Tools

Improve Compliance, Standardize Practices, and Create Success Stories

Elimination of all serious harm is a top patient care priority.

Audit and Surveillance helps recognize possible safety issues and identify ways to eliminate them.

OPS gives full control of every audit and surveillance effort alongside automatic reports.

Increases staff vigilance, maintains team momentum, and demonstrates how improving compliance contributes to success.

Select From the OPS Menu or Build A New Tool

OPS has many options to choose from:

  • POC Testing
  • IUC Maintenance
  • CVC Maintenance
  • Wound Dressing Change
  • Fall Risk
  • Patient Feedback
  • Read & Repeat Back
  • Serious Safety Event Rate
  • Medication, Treatment and Respiratory Cart Audit
  • Equipment Audit
  • Patient/Resident Room Audit
  • Dining Room Audit (for SNF)
  • Bath and Shower Room Audit
  • Housekeeping Audit
  • Communication and Devices Audit
  • Staff and Safety Awareness Audit

OPS gives you full control and reports are automatic.

Need something else? Let us know and you’ll have it within days...at no extra cost!

Key Features

Standardized point-and-click surveillance methods accessible on any device

Built in thresholds to highlight compliance issues

Visuals for informed decision making


Clear staff expectations

Improved compliance

Improved performance in mission essential areas

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