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Using the Cloud to Drive Performance: Enterprise Project Management

At OPS, we’ve been developing cloud-based performance support systems for years. A question we’re often asked is, "What are the core elements of an effective project management system?" We recognize that many organizations spend millions of employee hours and millions of dollars on project management training. We also know that many organizations are substituting project management processes with chat-based platforms that provide little in the way of structure. So, they are sometimes disappointed, and mostly relieved, when our answer is (a) short and (b) reaffirms a comfortably structured approach.

Using New Technology to Improve Patient Experience

New tools helped nursing staff in Ohio improve Emergency Department admission times and facilitate communication between staff and patients. Within one year of implementation, the hospital saw a reduction in average length of stays, as well as overall costs. These improvements led to higher patient satisfaction scores.

ASQ and ISPI Mutual Opportunities for Influencing Global Performance

To help organizations get closer to their value objectives, a number of approaches and fields of practice have been developed. Two fields common in today's business environment are human performance technology (HPT) and quality. The recent publication of the Global State of Quality Research: Discoveries 2013 by the American Society for Quality provides customer- and practitioner-related data and offers an opportunity to link the purposes, philosophies, research, and practices of quality and HPT.

BPTrends recognizes performance architecture tools

Excerpt: In this, our first Column of the New Year, we share one of our favorite web sites,, the cyber-home of Proofpoint Systems, Inc. This software company has built an impressive suite of diagnostic tools to help organizations do their best work, and has established itself as a reliable resource and partner for its clients. Even better, Proofpoint provides a number of valuable aids that are free to enterprising individuals.

Giving Away Power

This book provides a framework for building commitment and improving performance across organizations. Most employees want more control over their daily work and most managers want to give it. Yet, the distribution of decision making power often happens by chance rather than by design. This book is a "quick start" guide for leaders and team members who want to give—and receive—power.

Using the Cloud to Accelerate Transformation and Influence Change

To improve organizational performance, influence change, and accelerate transformation, executives and their teams need timely, accurate, and unbiased information. Good information, delivered at incredible speed, provides the ability to make better and faster decisions relative to the competition. Continuous performance improvement, powered by cloud technologies, helps organizations move from static lists to informed decision making and accelerated results. Cloud computing is based on the processing and storage of data and information external to the organization.

TrendSpotters: DOTMLPF

DOTMLPF is an acronym and mnemonic that is pronounced: "dot-mil-p-f." Once you say it aloud, it is easier to read and remember. The DOD looks at performance in terms of capabilities. Their gap analysis process is part of the Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS). They use DOTMLPF at the front end to assist planners consider a range of solutions when addressing performance improvement issues.

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Articles and Publications

ASQ and ISPI Mutual Opportunities for Influencing Global Performance

BPTrends recognizes performance architecture tools

Future Watch, Featuring Dr. Jim Hill, CPT

Giving Away Power

Mathematical Models for Human Performance: Borrowing From the Physics Domain

Motivation = Goal + Control


TrendSpotters: The Moxie Coefficient

Using New Technology to Improve Patient Experience

Using the Cloud to Accelerate Transformation and Influence Change


ASQ and ISPI Mutual Opportunities for Influencing Global Performance

BPTrends recognizes performance architecture tools

cyberFEDS anoints Proofpoint as an "awesome new technology"

Defense acquisition community pilots Proofpoint faculty performance planning system

Defense Department Extends Global Security Cooperation Contract with Proofpoint Systems

DHS Uses Proofpoint For Air Domain Gap Analysis

Dr. Jim Hill receives Distinguished Service Award from ISPI

Executive Buzz: A Leadership Conversation with Jonathan Levine

Executive Buzz: Four Questions for Stephanie Meade

Genesis of DOTMLPF

HUD Renews Contract with Proofpoint Systems

HUD Replaces SharePoint with Proofpoint for Field Teams

Jim Hill, Proofpoint CEO, Selected for OSD Steering Committee

Key US government departments recognize Proofpoint Systems technical leader

Mercy West Implements Proofpoint's Patient Feedback System

National Healthcare Corporation Renews Contract for Proofpoint Infection Control Tool

Navy completes Fleet-wide operational analysis using Proofpoint Systems assessment capability

Navy Renews Proofpoint Contract for LCS Program Management

Our Big Bang Moment

Performance Analysis Support System (PASS) selected as Finalist in the category for Best New Product or Service in The 2006 American Business AwardsSM

Performance Improvement Simulation Workshop

Predicting Future Success

Proofpoint and HUD receive 2013 Award of Excellence from ISPI

Proofpoint announces the addition of Allen Young to its leadership team

Proofpoint Awarded Contract to Conduct a Global Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) Review

Proofpoint CEO Moderates Executive Panel

Proofpoint CEO publishes new e-book - Giving Away Power

Proofpoint featured in USA Today along with Fortune 500 as a leader in performance improvement

Proofpoint Introduces Real-World Training Clinic Via the Web

Proofpoint officially certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Proofpoint receives 2011 Award of Excellence from ISPI

Proofpoint Supports Silicon Valley Satellite Patent Office

Proofpoint Systems Announces Goal Alignment System (GOALS)

Proofpoint Systems announces Tom Sheets as corporate vice president

Proofpoint Systems Awarded Navy Contract for Manpower Strategic Planning

Proofpoint Systems' cloud-based Project Management Reporting System helps HUD win the 2013 Federal Deming Award at the Excellence in Government Conference

Proofpoint Systems' Faculty Assessment and Contribution Planning System (FCAP) selected as a Finalist for the 2008 American Business AwardsSM

Proofpoint Systems launches maritime information sharing crosswalk capability

Proofpoint Systems Now in Use in 25 Countries

Proofpoint Systems Team Awarded U.S. Navy SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Contract

Proofpoint Systems, Inc. Goal Alignment System (GOALS) selected as Finalist in the category for Best New Software Product in The 2007 American Business AwardsSM

Proofpoint Unveils Two New Products and Free Trial Version

Six Steps to Putting Performance in the Performance Review

The Links, Inc. Deploys Proofpoint Project Management System

The Moxie Coefficient

USC research the basis for new Proofpoint Moxie product

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