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About OPS Research Projects

From time to time, Organizational Performance Systems, Inc (“OPS” or “the Company”) engages in various research projects. In some cases, the research is conducted independently. Other times it is conducted in collaboration with other organizations and universities that will be identified in the introductory correspondence.

The purpose of these studies is described in introductory correspondence, such as emails, directed to potential respondents and other parties of interest. As with any research, parties may withdraw at any time.

Method of Information Collection

Information collection occurs via a data entry web page.

The typical time commitment for respondents to complete data entry is between 7-20 minutes.

In most cases, a limited set of other personal or organizational items is presented to respondents. Completing these items allows OPS to provide an information roll-up to the participants and/or their organizations, should they desire it.


The benefits of participation in OPS research include the opportunity to (1) contribute to the industry’s body of knowledge and (2) gain a better understand of the issue being studied.

The knowledge obtained from OPS studies is intended to be of great value in guiding professionals to be more effective in managing programs and improving performance related to their lines of work.

Explanation of the Procedures

OPS studies are designed to examine the prevalence of certain activities and trends in specific business environments. We conduct these studies to learn more about specific questions that typically have not been studied much in the past.

Participation in OPS studies typically involves completion of a short on-line survey. Data are then aggregated for the purpose of data analysis.

Risks and Discomforts

We anticipate no risks or discomforts from participating in any OPS study.


Specific data points, other information, and the source(s) thereof gathered during OPS studies will remain confidential on servers that are secure, HIPAA compliant, and ISO and FedRAMP certified. Only the researchers have access to the data.

There will be no identifying names on the results of the study, unless the participants desire otherwise (e.g., for their business purposes).

The results of the research may lead to improvements in OPS software applications. The results may also be published in the form of one or more research papers, professional journals and books, or presented at professional meetings.

Withdrawal Without Prejudice

Participation in this study is voluntary. Participants are free to withdraw consent and discontinue participation in this project at any time without prejudice or penalty. Participants and their teams may also refuse to answer any question that may be presented.

Further Questions and Follow-up

Participants are welcome to ask OPS any questions related to the research. In fact, we encourage you to contact the company or, if preferred, the researchers directly (contact information is always provided).

Getting a Copy of the Results

If participants would like a copy of their responses or if they are interested in information about the study results as a whole, they may provide their contact information in the online space provided or they may contact the company or the researchers directly.

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