OPS for Business

Streamline Day-to-day Management Operations

Budget Builder and Program Checkbook

Reinforcing the reliability of your financial information while making daily work processes easier

Every organizational program leader wants to increase financial effectiveness and reduce redundancy and complexity.

OPS BBPC helps manage day-to-day financial activity from planning to execution, eliminate spreadsheets, and share information across the enterprise.

BBPC algorithms are tested, solid, and proven. The work of individuals rolls up to common reports. The result is an “enter once – use many times” information source that simplifies and standardizes daily workflows and produces reliable status reports that can be dissected in a variety of client-defined ways.

Use Case

A major military shipbuilding program used OPS BBPC to tie its multi-billion dollar program budget to more than 80 daily and weekly reports.

They also used the OPS Checkbook module, to replace an elaborate (and error laden) spreadsheet, uncovering a $2M error within days of the module being activated.

We’ve done similar work for major housing, transportation, and healthcare systems, producing up-to-the-second trend reports that link individual staff action to major budget elements.

Based on our past experience, OPS pays for itself within a few weeks.

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Key Features

Budget Builder — for every department and division

Budget to strategy alignment

Budget execution manager across multiple accounts (checkbooks)

Contracts and vendor deliverables tracker

Program performance reporting


Simplified staff work, which reduces errors

Elimination of multiple spreadsheet versions

Traceable information paths

Solid interface with other systems including your ERP and BI

Improved information reliability

Management and resource decisions based on the best available information

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