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Fair Performance Management

Help Employees Control Their Success Plans

Most leaders have come to realize that organizational performance issues are systems related, not people related.

Still, those same leaders and their employees want a way to have fair and mature conversations about individual performance and development.

OPS Fair Performance Management provides it with a flexible, fair, common sense system.

See Vertically and Horizontally

With OPS FPM you’ll see individual and team performance results throughout the performance period—not just twice a year.

With OPS FPM you’ll streamline data collection, minimize the cost of program administration, and reduce the friction and anxiety that often comes with traditional employee reviews.

Within days, you’ll have a clear “line-of-sight” from strategic goals to individual performance plans, and then you’ll accelerate on to actual performance results.

Your Employees Will Love Your Organization…You Will Love You

The practical reality is that, in the context of typical performance management, the accomplishments of single line-level individuals do not substantially alter the performance of their organizations.

So, focusing on individual performance, continuous or periodic is, more often than not, a distraction.

With OPS FPM people are treated more fairly and they see better how they fit into the organizational system. They are more engaged. From a performance review perspective, there is less of a tendency to pole vault over mouse droppings.

Organizationally, managers and individual contributors focus on the true root causes of the most significant performance shortfalls and jointly look for systemic improvements. As a result, people are happier — and more productive. Your organization gets more effective — and more profitable.

Use Case

The US Department of Defense used OPS FPM as the performance management platform for many of its top executives. When tied to the OPS analysis and project management modules, they reported a client-generated ROI of 37-to-1 over a two year period.

Key Features

SMART-Q goal writing prompter

Objective organizational metrics tied to individual performance reporting

“My Performance Diary”

Conversation log book

Self and Supervisor reviews

Auto-populated forms and reports unique to your organization’s needs

Auto-messaging and email alerts


An appraisal process that actually improves performance

Increased morale

Higher employee engagement

Better resource use

Improved teamwork

Everyone focused on common goals

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