OPS for Business

Streamline Day-to-day Management Operations

Integrated Project and Program Management

Accelerate Project and Program Results

Reduce the Workload and Save Time

OPS replaces unstructured messaging, elaborate spreadsheets, and static slide shows.

OPS simplifies the daily staff work of project teams via user friendly workscreens.

Lead Transformation

Enhance strategic responsiveness and create extraordinary project value.

Use OPS to identify meaningful success thresholds, develop smart exit criteria, and introduce practical management concepts across the workforce.

Demonstrate Project Value and Optimize Resources

As major investments, projects and programs are often under careful scrutiny by executives and resource managers.

OPS shares performance updates across functionally and geographically dispersed organizations.

Key Features

Common daily workflows – configured to your culture and terminology

Project Setup

Alignment to supported/supporting teams

Current/Desired end state

Scoping, readiness and risk assessments

Tasks and milestones

Schedules and checklists

Auto-alerts for key factors

Budget tracker

Many decision support tools


Reduces staffing requirements

Quicker results

Meaningful ROI

Increased organizational effectiveness

Fewer errors

Useful data

More timely reporting

Improved resource use

New reinvestment opportunities

Increased employee, stakeholder, and customer satisfaction

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