OPS for Healthcare

Improves Management Operations and Key Metrics in Acute and Post-acute Settings

Leader Rounding / Voice of the Patient

Improve retention and target higher order organizational performance needs

Leverage the Intelligence of Your People

OPS for Employee Engagement gives team members a transparent platform for feeling in control and committing to the organization

Business leaders know that a high-performing workforce is essential for growth.

OPS helps transform employee ideas into action — and that leads to retention of the best performers

Using the Cloud for Continuous Employee Engagement

Leaders recognize that reducing unplanned turnover is a top priority. Improvements in employee retention positively impact HR costs, business operations, quality, and customer satisfaction.

A key aspect of employee retention is engagement. However, most engagement approaches are driven by periodic surveys — often only once a year — focused on organizational climate with few specific recommendations for improvement and little follow-up or action.

This paper reviews common engagement challenges and offers solutions — enabled by cloud technologies — for involving employees in a focused dialogue that increases retention and targets accelerates organizational performance.

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See the Pulse of the Organization

OPS helps organizational leaders learn how the work environment can be improved for maximum effectiveness.

Key Features

Easy to use

Public or private sharing

Client defined categories (e.g., building maintenance, bright ideas, process)

Add interested team members and stakeholders to any issue

Robust reporting


Increases executive visibility to "real" employee issues

Accessible to anyone, at any location, on any shift

Builds trust

Creates a reliable data set and ensures a repeatable, sustainable process.

Effective in every organizational setting, situation, and culture.

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